I want your experience with me to feel easy and natural. It is so important to me that I am able to reflect your child and/or family in an authentic and candid way. I want you to look back at these moments in time and feel what you were feeling: that overwhelming breathtaking first look at your brand new baby, admiring that little curly lock of hair, the way your little one looks at daddy. These are our opportunities to preserve memories for ourselves and for our loved ones. 
FAQ: where do sessions take place?
All of my photography is done on location. Sessions usually occur in the comfort of the client's home or an outdoor setting.
FAQ: [Maternity]: When do you recommend maternity sessions? 
Generally between 30-35 weeks. Maternity sessions can be done within your home or outdoors. 
FAQ: [Fresh 48]: What does a Fresh 48 session entail? 
Fresh 48 sessions are done in the hospital and are a great way to capture all of the firsts: baby's bath in the hospital, first family picture, siblings bonding with baby etc. 
FAQ: [newborn]: When do you recommend newborn sessions? 
Newborn pictures are traditionally best scheduled when baby 5-14 days because the baby is cuddly and sleepy (easy to pose). However, with Lifestyle sessions the baby can be up to a month old (it will likely just mean you will be holding baby more). Let's talk if you have any special needs/requests!  
FAQ: [newborn]: When do you recommend scheduling newborn sessions? 
As soon as possible! I recommend booking before baby arrives and then we will be in contact as your due date approaches (of course we can't actually plan when baby is born!). 
FAQ: [newborn]: do you have any training with newborn safety?
 I have completed photography courses in Newborn Safety and Posing and I will always ensure the safety of your baby throughout the session. I will involve Dad/significant other when possible so we can ensure safety throughout certain poses. I am also a physical therapist and have learned lots of infant handling through my profession :) 
FAQ: [newborn]: can siblings or other family members be part of the session? 
AbsolutelyI love to have the whole family get in some newborn session photographs!
FAQ [Family]: what should my family wear to a session?
I recommend coordinating, but not Matching. Start with mama and pick a floral, simple print or solid color. make sure the children are comfortable so they can play and have fun. Check out my Pinterest inspiration board for ideas! 
FAQ [Family]: what does a lifestyle family session look like?
Although I won't be asking your family to do a lot of "traditional" (i.e. everyone look at the camera, and "cheese") posing, I will be guiding you through with starting points and prompts to allow your family's personality to shine.
After you book, I will send you a survey so I can get to know you and your needs and begin planning the experience. Jess
I usually book sessions during evenings and weekend, but if you have a special request please include in the contact form below.
Thank you for your interest! Sincerely, Jess
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