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If you are looking to hire a newborn photographer, you are probably hoping + searching for “the best”. You may Google something like, “How do I choose the best newborn photographer?” The question really should be “How do I choose the best newborn photographer for me?”

Word of Mouth: This is a great place to start. However, keep in mind that the best newborn photographer is subjective to the client. There are a lot of great photographers out there. A photographer that is ideal for a friend, may not always be the best fit for you. Don’t get me wrong word-of-mouth is a fantastic way to get a glimpse more into the personal side of working with a photographer and is a great jumping-off point.

To ensure the photographer is best photographer for you (and your family), you should learn a little more about the photographers you are considering hiring (Google, website, etc). Some parents are a little more type A and will even break out an Excel spreadsheet. Good for you if that’s you (it does not happen to be me). On the other hand, other parents look through portfolios and decide based on overall feel on the photos.

Keep in mind these questions to help you decide.

  1. Do you prefer a Studio or in-home (lifestyle) session? This really comes down to personal preference. There are pros/cons for each type of session, which I talk about in more detail in this blog. For the most part, a studio session will incorporate use of props (think baskets, large bean bags, etc). They are also typically heavily posed (the photographer places the baby in different positions). An in-home (lifestyle) session includes more natural posing. Your little one may be photographed in the crib, in your arms, or on your bed. An in-home session can also feel more intimate and may include moodier lighting (depending on the photographer-which leads me to next point…)
  2. Do I like the style of photography? Photographers have different styles (that is probably obvious). Be sure to look through their portfolio to get a good feel for their style. Photographs can be taken in different lighting, incorporate various angles, and are edited in unique ways. All of these factors contribute to the overall look + feel of the photos.
  3. How much does a newborn session cost? Is newborn photography worth it? It is important to keep in mind that the decision to spend money (and how much) on newborn photos is a personal one. For newborn photos in Iowa City the cost is $350-$745 (based on Google searching and looking through websites). However, the lower pricing is only a session fee and does not include digital images. When you are looking at packages, take note of the number of digital files included, if family/siblings are included and if anything else (i.e. products) is included. Each person/family places a different value on newborn photography. It is worth it? A thousand times yes! You won’t regret having these memories of you and your baby capture in the home you brought them home to.
  4. Does the photographer specialize in handling newborns +/or have training? this can be important for some people and is isn’t really a factor for others. If a photographer is a mom herself (which is fairly common), she probably has a general knowledge of how to safely handle a newborn. Training is really important with studio work as the baby is often placed in positions that require additional training and knowledge (i.e. “froggy pose where baby has head propped on hands). Some photographers have training on website or you can always ask.
  5. Does the photographer offer other sessions you may be interested in? There are some photographers that only offer newborn photographs within family sessions. A newborn can be included in the family photographs in a very casual way. However, not all photographers (i.e. a wedding photographer) offer a variety of family based sessions including maternity, fresh 48 + milestones. If you are interested in capturing different stages of growing your family, you may be interested in a variety of sessions.

If you have other questions, like “when should newborn photos be taken?, feel free to take a look around my newborn page (includes FAQ).

Are you ready to learn more about a newborn photo session with me? Check out my newborn photography page on my website. If you have other questions and/or are ready to get on the calendar, fill out a contact form!


How do I choose a Newborn Photographer?