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Are you preparing to be a mama? Are you considering your first professional newborn photography session? There is one basic question I want to help you answer: “What kind of newborn session should I book?” Lifestyle? In home or studio? There is no right or wrong answer, folks. But it definitely helps out everyone (photographer and client) involved if everyone is on the same page even before booking. In newborn photography there are two major categories of sessions: lifestyle and posed.

SPOILER: My heart and soul is all in for in-home lifestyle sessions so I want to share some reasons I think you will fall in love with lifestyle. Here are my top 5 reasons to book a lifestyle newborn photography session in your own home…

Au Naturel

1. Au Naturel. You prefer a more natural, minimalistic look to your photographs. Lifestyle sessions do not involve a lot of elaborate props or posing (baby’s head propped on hands, baskets, etc). Instead, baby will likely be photographed within the crib, nursery or parent’s arms. Your baby will be held and/or cuddled a majority of the session. When baby is solo, she/he will be placed in simple and natural positions.

Ease and Convenience

2. Ease and Convenience. Let’s face it. Adjusting to life with a newborn isn’t exactly easy. Trying to pack up everything those first times with a newborn baby is a reeaaal struggle. Throw in a sibling or even a midwest winter-yikes! With an in-home lifestyle session, we have easy access to anything and everything we all need: pacifiers, change of clothes (let’s face it babies love to pee on you in front of the camera) and even snacks. We listen to baby the whole way through, including breaks for feeding.


3. Nostalgia: There is something so special about having these first moments with your baby happening in YOUR home. The very place you brought baby home from the hospital, the house your littles grew up in. You, your family, and future generations can look back at these photographs. These images will capture beautifully that nursery you spent so much time planning or that cozy couch in your living room that everyone piles up together. Your children will see what you called home. In these photographs they will also feel “home” in all senses of the word (love, belonging and the environment itself).


4. Flexibility. I’m not talking about yoga here. In home lifestyle newborn sessions don’t have as narrow of a window of opportunity for timing compared to posed studio sessions. Because I don’t mind-actually I kind of love-an alert newborn, your baby can be older than the general time-frame (7-10 days) recommended by photographers posing newborns in a studio. Newborns tend to be most happy in your arms so they tend to settle easier. So don’t stress-even if you just want to spend another week adjusting to life at home with this new little one, I will work with you to schedule your session.

“Being able to do photo sessions out of the comfort of your home makes for such a fun and relaxing session”

-Becky (newborn client)

Storytelling + Connection

5. Storytelling + Connection. Lifestyle sessions lend themselves to lots of variety in the stories they tell. Your session will look different than your neighbors. Pets, siblings, all are welcome. Details are so important to remember-whether thats little feet, the way your babe perfectly curls up on your chest, or maybe even a family heirloom (I’ve seen some beautiful bassinets, blankets, etc). Connection above all else. There are different positions and prompts that I will give you to allow your family’s natural connection to shine through. I could take pictures of mama’s soaking up that newborn smell ALL DAY.

I hope this helped convince you why you should book an in home lifestyle newborn photography session. If you are want more information, you can click here. Clients, seasoned mamas, or even other photographers-do you have anything to add?

If you’re ready to book, click here.



5 Reasons to Book a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session/Iowa City, IA