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Ok, so you are an Iowa City/Coralville area mom wondering- What is a fresh 48? Should I get hospital/birthplace pictures?

It kind of goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyways. Having a baby is such an amazing moment in your life. Often you are left with an exhilarating, exhausting and hazy memory as you navigate motherhood. Those first few days often feel surreal. I am going to guide you through options of documenting and preserving memories of this new little life. Oh yeah and hopefully convince you that you need fresh 48 photos while I’m at it…

Birthplace photo session

There are several options for you to choose from when it comes to capturing your new baby and sometimes it feels overwhelming. When I was pregnant, I honestly felt like all things baby were overwhelming. So many decisions– bottles, baby gear, a name, etc etc. You can hire a photographer for birth story, fresh 48 and/or newborn sessions. Let’s break down the basics of a fresh 48. Fresh 48’s are on-location birthplace photo sessions, for example in the hospital or birthing center (hopefully not your car!). As the name implies, they are usually done within the first couple days of birth. They allow parents and baby some recovery time. If you have a c-section, they can be scheduled accordingly (usually 72 afters birth). We will book your session with flexibility in mind (I will be on-call).

Those first hours and days after delivery often turn into a surreal blur. These sessions are perfect for holding onto this long-awaited huge moment in your life. Sessions are documentary in nature, with usually little posing. Most parents choose to have their session the next day after birth or even the morning of discharge. A fresh 48 will not take the place of birth photography, but can be a great way to capture early moments of your baby’s life. And birth photography is definitely not for everyone. You can book a Fresh 48 sessions AND a newborn session as they often have a different feel of images. There is something so incredibly special about those brand new emotions. There is a certain nostalgia when we take these pictures in the exact place where you brought this baby into the world. With in-home newborn sessions, we are documenting life with baby at home.

A story of your baby’s first days

While I am with you, I’ll find the best light and guide you to help tell your story in a beautiful and honest way. These sessions are a great way to document baby’s firsts: meeting siblings and/or family members, first cuddles, first feedings, first bath, diaper changes, etc. Those quiet moments when baby is laying skin-to-skin on your chest, looking up at you the first times. The awe of a big sister meeting her little brother for the first time. I’ve even had great grandparents join in the session!

All the small details

Capturing all of the small details is such an amazing way to take you back. Those tiny little toes, the cute little way their fingers wrap around yours, the softest skin, belly button, and fuzzy little hair. I could go on and on. Your baby will be changing so fast-hour to hour and day to day. If you decide to book both a fresh 48 and an in-home newborn session, I recommend to wait a little longer on the newborn session (~2 weeks) so we can truly capture some of those changes. Are you ready to book your Fresh 48?

Here are my current Fresh 48 packages. I offer fresh 48 photos in the corridor and surrounding areas.

If you would like to see more Fresh 48 photos, feel free to check out my Fresh 48 portfolio!

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Fresh 48

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