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Finding out you are going to have a baby is so exciting. However, sometimes trying to prepare for everything you need to do before and when the baby arrives can feel just a tad daunting.

When I get inquiries from expecting moms, a common question is “Should I Book a Fresh 48 and/or Newborn Session?” I know this is cheating, but typically if you could make both work I think thats ideal and will recommend that. The reason being is that these photo sessions can have totally different feels. Let’s talk a little bit about each type of session:

What’s the difference between Fresh 48 vs. Newborn Photo Session?

Fresh 48

  • Session typical occurs within the first 48 hours of when babe is born (hence the name)
  • Sessions occur at birthplace (hospital, birth center, etc)
  • Special rawness of everything about your baby (i.e. matted down hair, a little vernix, etc)
  • If at hospital, so many details that are unique: hospital bands, hospital blankets and bassinets, first “name tag”
  • There is just a indescribable special mix of emotions that are in the space when you are first meeting your babe (awe, fatigue, excitement, pride etc)
  • It’s totally acceptable to rock a hospital gown or yoga pants
  • Special time to include skin-to-skin cuddles


  • Most of my sessions occur 1-4 weeks after birth
  • Sessions are held at home
  • Nostalgia of home (the place where you brought your baby home, potentially where they grow up)
  • Both type of sessions we incorporate siblings, but Newborn we can also include fur siblings
  • We are on our own timeline (we can usually take our time)
  • You can decide to rock a comfy dress or more casual outfit
  • You get to show off that nursery you worked so hard on!
  • Being comfortable; a lot of times toddlers do well within the comforts at home

Hopefully the quick comparison is helpful for deciding if you should book a Fresh 48 or Newborn Session. When families have booked both sessions with me, sometimes we will wait longer for the newborn session so we can capture more of how baby is changing. You can always ask your photographer if they offer a discount if you book both sessions (Fresh 48 + Newborn) together (I do).

When should I book a Session?

I think anytime after you announce your pregnancy to family/friends you can start thinking about scheduling your session. Typically this would be after 12 weeks or the 2nd Trimester.

If you are curious about how an-home session is different than a studio posed session, check out this blog.

If you have questions about how much newborn photo sessions cost, check out my information page!

Fresh 48, Newborn

Should I Book a Fresh 48 or Newborn Session?